Personal Development

Unleash YOUR untapped resources and go for what YOU want!

Confidence Building, Personal Development

Many years experience in business within the world of cutting-edge industry have given me a thorough understanding and appreciation of the importance of the link between the welfare and well-being of the individual, and the productivity and performance of any group or unit as a whole.

Stress Relief, Anxiety, Relaxation Techniques

With a concrete knowledge of business relationships and how individuals interact, and a keen awareness of the stresses and pressures of the modern workplace, I have been able to develop unique personal therapies and strategies to help any individual – from the boardroom to the shop floor – effectively manage and cultivate any relationship.

Goal Setting & Achievement, Motivation & Performance, Exam & Presentation Nerves

Modern clinical hypnosis and its associated disciplines can equip you with the necessary skills and coping mechanisms to achieve truly amazing results, both as an individual and as part of a team.

Anger Management

We all know how important it can be to reach a compromise or bite our lip in the workplace, but dealing with these displaced feelings or bottled-up aggression is not so easy. A timely intervention can help to prevent friction and lost earnings caused by absence and illness.

Career Limiting Issues, Fears & Phobias, Panic Attacks

To give a client the understanding of him/herself, to aid their work or home life can be a far reaching skill. Hypnotherapy is often a misunderstood term, but in essence it can give a client the tools to understand their own process of creative well-being, with support given as and when needed in an atmosphere of dignity and respect.

Understanding and support in a difficult time can be a great resource.

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